Birds of Prey Workshops 2014/2015


Moorland Raptor Days
I am running my popular birds of prey workshops in Leicestershire and these one day workshops are geared to working on birds such as Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Buzzard and Eagle Owl in a moorland environment which again is a perfect backdrop for these spectacular birds. Our falconer is excellent with his birds and really understand the needs of wildlife photographers and natural looking images are what we always try to achieve.  The dates in late August and during September are timed to coincide with the flowering of the heather which will add a splash of colour for these classic moorland birds.

Farmland Birds of Prey Days

I am also running birds of prey workshops in a rustic farmland setting which is a perfect backdrop for birds like Barn Owl, Little Owl, Kestrel and Buzzard.  The birds are placed in some wonderful settings which again compliments the natural surroundings that these birds would occupy in the wild.  All of the birds we use on our workshops are very well looked after by our falconer and so the birds are always feather perfect which makes the final images look much more natural.

Both of these workshops are priced at £99.00

Moorland Raptor Birds of Prey:

29th August 2015

19th September 2015

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Farmland Birds of Prey:

10th October 2015

24th October 2015

28th November 2015

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 Barn owl



For more information you can contact us on 01509 269209 or 07951 945433.


Little owl




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