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Snow Bunting




Snow Buntings are a high Arctic specialist and they have a circumpolar breeding range. During the Autumn they head south and the UK coastline is very important for many birds. They can usually be found along rocky shores feeding at the tideline. There is a discrete colony of around a 100 pairs that breed in the central highlands of Scotland. They can be found around the northern corries in the Cairngorm Mountain range and during the worst of the winter weather small flocks can be found around the car parks of the Ski resorts. I was armed with a bag of seed and the Buntings soon found this welcome food source. Fresh snow had fallen the previous night and was still clinging to the heather which made a lovely setting as the birds perched on it before dropping down to feed.    


Canon 1D MK4, 500mm Lens, 1.4x Convertor, F5.6, 1/200, ISO 400


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