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red fox




I have spent most of June in Finland trying to photograph some of the large predators that roam the Boreal forests along the Finnish/Russian border. I managed images of Bears and Wolverine but really wanted to get some images of wild wolves but they eluded me. So on my return I had the good fortune to find that my wife's mum had a family of foxes in her garden and she had been feeding them every night so just thought I would share this little cutie with you. I have been photographing Foxes on and off for the past twenty years and I think they are probably the hardest mammal to photograph in the UK. Well until this little fellow came along, my mother-in-law has now seen more of me in the last four days than she has in the last four years. I have plenty of images but this is my favourite so far.


Canon 1D MK4, 500mm Lens, 1/80, F4, ISO 200



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