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Harliquin Duck




I have just spent the past three weeks travelling around Iceland, exploring the beautiful landscapes and photographing the Birds that can be found there. Whenever I visit a new location I always have set targets to reach as by working this way I find it better to concerntrate on images not just species. The Harlequin Duck was one of my top targets and I spent many days looking and waiting for this beautiful Duck to appear on the river Laxa. Iceland is the only country in Europe to find this species and I really enjoyed getting images of them. This is a shot I was working on most of the time, it was very difficult to acheive because the bird has to be bolt still when you fire the shutter. I also found that a certain aperture had to be chosen to get the desired effect of blurring the water. I took hundreds of images but only a couple have been sharpe enough to use. This was my favorite from the trip.


Canon 1D MK4, 500mm Lens, 1.4x Convertor, 1/6, F25, ISO 200



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