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Sandhill Cranes and Dawn Fire




At the end of November I spent a week in Bosque del Apache, New Mexico, USA. I was co-leading a trip that we organised through Natures Images. I have seen many pictures from Bosque before and it is a place I have wanted to go too for many years. It is an amazing spectacle to witness the huge flocks of Snow Geese, especially when they all take off to together. The Snow Geese were great but I have a thing for Cranes and so wanted to get some images of the Sandhill Cranes. You only get conditions like this on a handful of days and it never lasts that long, only minutes usually. I would like to say we were organised and waiting for the sun to rise but alas we weren't. We had spent the first part of Dawn at a roost sight for Snow Geese, along with everybody else and made the decision to move. As we were driving along a road I noticed this potential and it was a mad rush to get out of the car and set up the camera. It was worth going all that way just for this eight minutes of photography, a magical moment. 


Canon 1D MK4, 500mm Lens, 1.4x Converter, F5.6, ISO 200


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