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January 2012


There is no finer sight in Natural world than Short-eared Owl as it silently quarters a field at dusk looking for prey. Short-eared Owls are very nomadic during the winter months and they can turn up at different locations any given year. They seem to have an amazing ability at finding suitable areas and when conditions are right, good numbers can be found. The Short-tailed field Vole is a very important prey item and this Vole goes through periods of boom and bust. Last winter was excellent for this beautiful Owl but this is an image I took a while back. The weather was beautiful with a good splattering of snow and clear conditions. This Owl had been hunting and then decided to rest on a fence post. He was a the tamest Short-eared Owl I had came across in the all the years of trying to photograph this species.


Canon 1D MK4, 500mm Lens, 1.4x Convertor, F5.6, 1/1000, ISO 400 



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