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Ruff males fighting


June 2012

 The male Ruffs start to migrate from their West African wintering grounds during April and arrive back at their traditional lekking arena's around mid may. As soon as they arrive they get down to the business end of establishing their hierarchy. The complex social behaviour amongst the males is fascinating and this courtship behaviour is unique among wading birds. The males at the Lek are made up of three different types; the typical dominant males are usually slightly duller in plumage and at this Lek that I worked at they were mainly brown or black. These males were constantly patrolling the Lek and would only briefly leave to feed or follow a female.

When a reeve (female) is spotted then all hell breaks loose and lots of posturing and display flights occur. When a female lands and is showing more interest it then becomes a free for all and lots of bouts of fighting breaks out.

Canon 1D MK4, 700mm Lens, F5.6, 1/1250, ISO 400 



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