Image of the Month

Red Deer in the snow

April 2015

 At the beginning of March I was in the Cairngorms National Park, Scotland co-leading our annual
Natures Images Highland winter trip with Neil McIntye. Whilst in Scotland we photographed Red Deer in the snow. The Alvie estate is a great location for this iconic highland Deer and Graham the resident stalker has been feeding the deer during the winter months for many years. As a result the Deer have become unbelievably tame and it is so hard to believe that you are actually photographing wild Deer. I have wanted to go to Alvie for many years but I really wanted to capture the Deer in the winter conditions. On the days that we went up the conditions were perfect.

Canon EOS-1DX, 500 mm Lens, f/4.0, 1/1000 sec, ISO 800


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