Natures Images - Photographic Holidays and Workshops for 2020

I have joined forces with fellow Wildlife photographer Mark Sisson and we run an exciting programme of short-breaks and longer wildlife photographic holidays, designed to give you not only some excellent photographic opportunities in exciting destinations, but also the chance to share our enthusiasm for the world of nature we are fortunate enough to work in. We started this venture four years ago and Natures Images has grown into one of the UK's leading companies dealing with these types of holidays. We are also very fortunate to have some of the best wildlife photographers around that have joined our team to guide for us such as Edwin Kats, Paul Hobson and of course the great Ole Martin Dahl.

We're both passionate about what we do, and will ensure we bring that to all of our trips, along with an appropriate sense of fun as well.

The best wildlife photography comes to those who understand the need for patience: our holidays are designed and paced to give you the chance to achieve the best images whilst appreciating the nature around you.

With one of us on hand to pass on our understanding and expertise both in terms of field craft and photographic skills, the trips are suitable for all levels of photographers, with an indication of physical fitness provided with each trip.
All meals, accommodation, in-trip transportation, entrance fees and other such items are included in our holiday prices. Our Holidays range from three day breaks in the UK photographing Barn Owls to four week trips in the high Arctic searching for Polar Bears. We offer so many different packages to suit most people's needs.

For more information visit our website at or you can contact me on 01509 269209 or
07951 945433.  

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Below is the complete programme of trips we are running during 2019 & 2020 if you click on one of the images it will take you to our website where you can get more information. 


Photographic Holidays and Workshops 2020
Purely Pelicans 2020 Eagles Pelicans Yellowstone Winter 1 Yellowstone winter 2
Purely Pelicans  Eagles & Pelicans  Yellowstone Winter 1  Yellowstone Winter 2
 Greece Greece & Bulgaria USA  USA
 January 2020  January 2020 January 2020 January 2020
 Fully booked  Fully booked  Fully booked Fully booked
Cranes Norway's Winter Eagles Highland winter arctic fox
Cranes of the Hula Valley Norway's Winter Eagles Highland Winter Arctic Fox
Israel Norway  Scotland Iceland
January 2020 February 2020  February 2020  February 2020
Fully booked  Fully booked 1 place available
Fully booked
Japan otters musk ox Alaska's Bald Eagles
Japanese Winter Shetland Otters  Musk Ox Alaska's Bald Eagles & Sea Otters
Japan Scotland Norway USA
 February 2020  February 2020  February 2020  February 2020
    Fully booked  Fully booked
Florida birds special Mara Big Cats red squirrel wild dogs
 Florida's Birds Special Masai Mara Big Cats  Red Squirrel Special  North Kenya's Wild Dogs & Rhinos
 USA  Africa  Scotland  Africa
February 2020  February 2020 March 2020  March 2020
Fully booked     Fully booked
Finnish winter Tigers Svalbard Spring Bulgarian spring macro
Finnish Winter  Tigers of India Svalbard Spring Special Bulgarian Spring Macro
Finland  India Svalbard Bulgaria
March 2020  March 2020  April 2020  April 2020
1 place available Fully booked Fully booked Fully booked
Borneo winter bears seabird special Romania wetlands
 Rainforests of Borneo Winter Brown Bears Seabird Special Romania's Wetlands & Mountains
Malaysia Finland Ireland  Romania
April 2020 April 2020 May 2020 May 2020
Fully booked 1 place left Fully booked  
botswana Black Bears Divers Namibia Wild bears
Classic Botswana Safari Black Bears & Divers  Namibian Deserts & Wildlife Wild Brown Bears
 Botswana USA Namibia Finland
May 2020 June 2020  June 2020 June 2020
Fully booked 1 place left Fully booked
Shetland Summer Birds butterflies finnish summer bears Camera Trap
Shetland Summer Birds & Butterflies Finnish Summer: Bears, Wolverine & Beavers Camera Trap Workshop
 Scotland Butterflies Finland Scotland
 June 2020  July 2020 July 2020  July 2020
Fully booked
Fully booked
Fully booked
 Fully booked
Mara migration Sea eagle Alaskan brown bear bear rainforest
 Masai Mara Migration Sea Eagle Spectacular  Alaskan Brown Bears Salmon Spectacular Great Bear Rainforest
Africa  Norway USA Canada
July 2020 August 2020 August 2020 September 2020
   1 place available Fully booked Fully booked
Madagascar Lowveld Leopards Finnish Predators Jaguars
Madagascar Rainforests Lowveld Leopards Special Finnish Predators Jaguars of the Pantanal
Madagascar South Africa Finland Brazil
September 2020 September 2020 October 2020 October 2020
   1 place available  Fully booked  Fully booked
Deer Video and film making Gems of Gibraltar Kenya big cats
Deer & Birds of Prey Video & Film-making Workshop Gems of Gibraltar Kenya's Big Cats 2
East Midlands Scotland  Gibraltar Africa
October 2020 October 2020 October 2020 October 2020
      Fully booked
Churchill winter Costa rica majestic tigers  
Churchill Winter Costa Rica's Rainforests Majestic Tigers  
Canada Costa Rica India  
November 2020 November 2020 December 2020  
Fully booked
1 place available
Fully booked  




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