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Truly memorable images stay with us. They hit us right between the eyes and bury deep into our souls. They touch our emotions and can change the way we feel. Truly memorable images have power. In an age dominated by visual media, creative imagery is a powerful communication tool that can promote a wider understanding and appreciation of the natural world – this is what defines the Wild Media Foundation. Working alongside other disciplines, our job is quite simply to bring nature’s stories closer to people’s lives.


logo I have also been honoured to be chosen as one of the photographers for a huge project called Wild Wonders of Europe which is about sharing the amazing natural wonders of our continent with 700 million Europeans and the World! Our aim is so that we can all better reconnect to this wonderful heritage, enjoy it more and take care of it more wisely for the future.  From May 2008 and for the following 14 months, they are sending out 58 of Europe's best nature photographers to picture the very best of Europe's nature.  The most charismatic places and species of a continent. These photographers will travel all over Europe – almost all of them to a country other than their own. Every European country will be visited.


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